Everyone enjoys watching TV, some more than others. Some people will watch almost any kind of program and even get some kind of entertainment from the ubiquitous ‘ads’, while other viewers tend to be a little more selective.


Any classification of TV programs will describe the two common types of program; the scripted variety and those programs which are supposedly unscripted (although doubts exist about the veracity of that!).


Whatever, any TV program either scripted or otherwise is either filmed live, or shot and recorded digitally in some form.


Within the unscripted class of TV shows certainly the presentation of sporting events are real. The participants in the event cannot be heard and the program presenters speak their commentary spontaneously as the sporting events unfold.


There are other types of TV shows which are allegedly unscripted, especially varieties of TV game shows where the participants respond to the game spontaneously also. If the show is going out live then there is very little can be done to monitor the comments of the participants, except to forewarn about the use of offensive language. Other game shows are recorded and any undesirable language can easily be edited out.


Scripted TV shows are more readily controlled and take the form of documentary programs and news cast programs which are carefully scripted prior to going on air live.


Many of the excellent current affairs programs and shows of the discussion group variety are scripted prior to going out live. Both the program presenter (usually the person leading the discussion) and the participants are primed in advance as to the kind and nature of the questions which will be asked, and the answers expected.

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