Research entails the organized study and investigation of a subject to find out facts appertaining to the subject. From this it is possible to develop or revise a theory, or develop a fresh strategy based on the results of the study.


The individual researcher will have his or her own approach but essentially any classification of research will include the following –

-         The Purpose of Research: The chief purpose of research obviously is to gain new knowledge about new topics. A true scientist from no matter what discipline is never happy with a ‘mystery’. The scientist does not like to live in ignorance about a topic and is always asking “why” and “how”. There are many reasons for a researcher to start a piece of fresh research, and it is not uncommon for teamwork to be involved. But the purpose remains the same; the never ending quest for knowledge.

-         Uses of Research: Research may be used to solve a specific problem and this carries the title of applied research. The goal of any research is to gain a fundamental understanding of the very nature of nature. It is by following this pathway that research has led us to having our current electronic technology, space exploration, and great advancements in both medical and genetic sciences. Sadly we are still behind in terms of our social interactions.

Research Techniques: The number one technique has to be the collection and correlation of data, whether it is in numerical form, or in the form of detailed notes. The testing by experimentation plays a big role in the work of any researcher, discarding non fruitful ideas and following through on ideas which yield encouraging results. In this modern era the use of computer modeling for predicting the outcome of hypothesis is frequently used by researchers.

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