The human rights could be classified in various ways. Some of these rights may fall into certain categories. One of the common and most typically used classifications of human rights which distinguish two general categories, civil, classic and political rights as well as social rights which include cultural and economic rights. A classic right normally restricts the rule of the government in terms of actions that affects the individual and their civil rights or autonomy as well as to confer the opportunity to the people to contribute into the determination and involve in political rights or government. Social rights also necessitate the government to act in an interventionist or positive manner to create necessary conditions for human’s development and human life.

The governments are also expected to take some active steps when it comes to promoting the welfare of every member despite of social status. It is believed that each and every individual as the member of society has the right to social security which is entitled to recognizing the social, economic rights.

Every human must carry related obligations that should be translated into specific duties to guarantee these certain rights. For several years, the traditional human rights dialogue was conquered by the misinterpretation which political and civil rights only requires negative duties while the social, economic and cultural rights require positive duties. It means, the people is guaranteed to have freedom of speech if the state leaves them alone, wherein every society is entitled to have immunization and health clinics.

The positive against negative dichotomy has been recently discredited recently in return on understanding that every human right has both negative and positive components. It is a issue of common sense which political and civil rights, which includes free speech and part of these laws is the right of every individual to know their rights. However all of these factors do have negative aspects as well. In fact there are some state that can block the medical supplies and food to a certain region or group that they are not favored.

In general activist and scholars both agree that obligations for every human rights such as political, civil, economic, social and cultural rights could be divided into various distinct categories which based on the type of duties. Even though there are certain variations of these typologies as long as they follow the basic categories which are the duties to fulfill, protect and respect.

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