Any member of the medical profession holds a position of respect throughout most societies, especially those who have aspired to become doctors. The treating and helping of people suffering from illness is seen as a worthy task and the career of a doctor is certainly one of the most sought after professions world wide.


There are many illnesses from which the human can suffer, and certainly a large number of various injuries, all of which need diagnosis and treatment. Each kind of malady requires a different kind of treatment, and so there are different kinds of doctors who will be familiar with specific types of illness and injury.


Classification of Doctors.  There are so many specialist branches of medicine that they are too numerous for the brief article but here are a few of the commonly known classes of doctor. –


-         Anesthesiologist. Studies and gives the anesthetic to the patient undergoing surgery. Administers the anesthetic throughout the operation and ensures the levels of consciousness of the patient at all times.


-         Cardiologist. These doctors specialize in diseases of the heart and cardiovascular conditions. They are commonly also qualified in surgery and are capable of carrying out heart operations.


-         Family Doctor. Apart from doctors in emergency clinics, these doctors work at the ‘sharp’ end of the medical profession. They are in the first line for diagnosing and treating family illness, and recommending hospitalization as necessary.


-         Internists. Their prime concern is the treatment of adults. Much time has been spent in studying adult anatomy to diagnose and treat adult sickness.


-         Neurologist. This doctor will treat any adverse conditions associated with the brain. Often the correct diagnosis of Alzheimers disease is called for, along with the dealing with strokes, seizures, and other brain disorders.


Obstetrician. Such doctors specialize in child birth, and any complications which may arise during the process to protect both mother and child.

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